Wichita Falls Adds Recycled Water to Drinking Water Supply

January 2015

After months of careful testing, Wichita Falls has opened the tap and added super-cleaned wastewater to its drinking water supply! Folks drinking the water say that it tastes and smells just the same. That’s because the water has been through seven different filtering and disinfection steps, resulting in water that is cleaner than most city drinking water.

The much used phrases, “toilet-to-tap” and “potty water”, miss the fact that with water recycling, water that goes down the drain in our homes and businesses is purified to higher than the required standard for drinking, then blended back into a city’s water supply. In truth, virtually all city water, and much of our bottled water, has been used before. Indeed, there is no “new” water – the earth has been recycling our water for millennia.

The reverse osmosis used in water recycling is the same technique often used for bottled water. It cleans water to a higher standard than the drinking water used by most cities.

To learn more about Wichita Falls’ success story, click on the video at: http://ksn.com/2014/07/10/toilet-to-tap-recycling-begins/

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