TCA’s education programs – in the classroom, at public gatherings, and in the outdoors — have connected thousands of Texans to nature and recruited them for conservation.  Our events have provided countless opportunities for young people to experience our state’s amazing outdoor world.  TCA partners with the Trinity River Audubon Center to help teach Eco-Investigations classes, which reach nearly 20,000 students each year.

Eco-Investigations at Trinity River Audubon Center

Texas Conservation Alliance funds an internship for TRAC’s Eco-Investigations program, where nearly 20,000 DFW-area children engage in hands-on education about wildlife and natural habitats along the Trinity River!

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Classes from the Dallas area are bussed to TRAC for Eco-Investigations, a four-hour expedition field trip, led by TRAC education staff. Pre-K through 5th-grade students take a nature walk, get acquainted with pond macro-invertebrates, and learn about watersheds, the water cycle, and how both humans and wildlife use water. The hands-on, TEKS-linked activities relate to the local ecology of the Great Trinity Forest. A special favorite in the exhibit hall is the sediment table, which lets young people create a river, observe how varying flows affect the river environment, and see the effects of damming a river.

waterdrop cropped

“The Water Cycle Boogie”.

The water cycle boogie goes round and round.
The water cycle boogie goes up and down.
Evaporation! Condensation! Precipitation! Filtration!

Watch TCA’s 5-minute video for kids!

Water & You is a fun, environmental and educational video explaining how YOU are part of the water cycle.

Texas Water Resources:  Texas Conservation Alliance (TCA) takes a multi-faceted approach to protect the waters of Texas — input into Texas’ water planning processes; grassroots organization against unnecessary damming of rivers; promotion of low-impact water supply alternatives such as water recycling; lobbying on water issues at state, federal, and local levels; citizen monitoring of water quality in Texas streams; and education programs on water conservation for both children and adults.  TCA’s efforts have stopped construction of five major dams and resulted in numerous other proposed projects being dropped from the State Water Plan, preventing inundation of tens of thousands of acres of prime agricultural and wildlife lands.

Water Recycling Poster Front (from WEAT - Water Environment Association of Texas

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Water Recycling Poster (back)

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Dr. Neil Ford - threatened mussels of Neches River

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PDF of Threatened Mussels

Thanks to TCA Member Dr. Neil Ford of UT-Tyler for providing this informative resource on endangered mussels in the Neches River!

Click here for “Water Conservation by the Yard: Estimating Savings from Outdoor Water Restrictions”

Download a great resource on lawn and garden watering: Water Conservation by the Yard is a 22-page booklet produced by the Texas Living Waters project.

TCA is the state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, one of the partners of Texas Living Waters. Read more about the living waters project by NWF…

Water Recycling: For the Future of Texas is a short documentary about the benefits of recycling water as an alternative to building costly reservoirs.

Click below to play Water Recycling: For the Future of Texas

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