Neches River National Wildlife Refuge

TCA looking for a BIG turnout!

Free public event at the Neches River Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, February 24, 2018

Join us for a fun Field Day at the Neches River National Wildlife Refuge, Saturday, February 24, 2018.  Check below for more details!

Neches River Refuge to Be Open Soon – Visit the Refuge February 24th

For fifteen years, Texas Conservation Alliance and its partner Friends of the Neches River have pushed for creation and expansion of the Neches River National Wildlife Refuge.  To everyone’s delight, the refuge is expected to be open to the public in the next few months.  TCA, FNR, and the Friends of the Refuge group are helping the US Fish and Wildlife Service finalize plans and get trails and other amenities in place – including hosting a Field Day February 24th.

Please join the fun Saturday, February 24, 2018, at 1:00 pm for the Neches River Refuge Field Day featuring, speakers, hikes, and other nature activities.

Field Day at Neches River National Wildlife Refuge

The first annual meeting of the Friends of the Neches River National Wildlife Refuge will be held at the Refuge Headquarters at 11:30 am Saturday, February 24, 2018.  Beginning at 1:00 pm will be a Field Day with speakers and activities for the Friends and the public. Entrance to the Refuge is on the east side of the Neches River Bridge on US Hwy 79, halfway between Palestine and Jacksonville-watch for the signs.

Here’s what you should bring for the day:

1. Your own food and drinks

2. A camp chair

3. Clothing suitable for outdoor activities.

4. Portable Bathrooms will be available during the day.

Neches Refuge

“It’s very rewarding to watch a project so many people and organizations worked on for such a long time begin to reach its potential.”

So says TCA’s Dr. Michael Banks, who also serves as co-chair of our partner group, Friends of the Neches River.

For 15 years, since before it was even created, Texas Conservation Alliance and Friends of the Neches River have promoted, lobbied for, experienced, tended, and loved the Neches River National Wildlife Refuge.  TCA and FNR generated a score of media features, garnered 15,000 signatures, and lobbied hard to get the refuge established.  We’ve supported land acquisition to expand the refuge to over 4,500 acres.  We helped organize a “friends of the refuge” group and sweated our way through trail building and infrastructure repair.

Located on the Neches River between Jacksonville and Palestine, the Neches Refuge is on the cusp of being open to the public.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service has selected the on-site manager, Leo Gustafson.  Management plans are approved for hiking, picnicking, wildlife observation and photography. A management plan for hunting including Youth Hunts on the Neches Refuge is being developed. The offices are up and running and other infrastructure is coming soon.  A Texas Parks and Wildlife designated Cherokee Neches Paddling Trail is within the acquisition boundary of the Neches Refuge.

Many groups, donors, and well-wishers have helped along the way.  The latest is a grant from the Dallas Safari Club Foundation, which was created to support conservation, hunter education, and getting people outdoors to experience the joys of nature.  A particular focus of the DSC Foundation is promoting the North American Model of Conservation on which the National Wildlife Refuge System is based.  The DSC Foundation grant will fund TCA’s input into the refuge hunting program and other TCA efforts to provide Texas families with exceptional outdoor opportunities.

Kudos to the thousands of people who have helped make the Neches River National Wildlife Refuge a haven for wildlife and, soon, a fabulous site for outdoor recreation.

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