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Ask Your Representative in U.S. Congress to Co-Sponsor H.R. 4647 and Recover Wildlife Species of Greatest Concern

Texas Conservation Alliance has taken on increased leadership in supporting the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act H.R. 4647 recently introduced in Congress.

The bi-partisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would direct $1.3 billion annually from existing energy and mineral royalties on federal lands and waters to the currently-unfunded Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Account. These revenues would be distributed to state wildlife agencies to fund projects that benefit species at risk of becoming endangered. Texas’ share would be more than $60 million per year.

TCA and other wildlife organizations have formed a steering committee for the Texas Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife, the Texas arm of the national Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife, to promote conservation funding. Beginning in January, TCA will serve as fiscal agent for the alliance.

More Information

Click on the image to open the PDF for more information on H.R. 4647.

Click on the image to open the PDF for more information on H.R. 4647.

Bi-Partisan Support for Recovering Wildlife

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would enact into law the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife. Composed of nationally-recognized leaders in business and conservation, including senior management of Shell Americas, Toyota, Bass Pro Shops, the Outdoor Industry Association, the National Wildlife Federation, and National Audubon Society, the Blue Ribbon Panel considered proposed solutions to the growing crisis of wildlife decline in the U.S. More than 15,000 species, 1310 of which occur in Texas, have been identified by state wildlife agencies as Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). Keeping these species off the Endangered Species List means healthier ecosystems and less cost and regulatory uncertainty for the business community.

TCA Executive Director Janice Bezanson emphasized the importance of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. “Because this legislation is bi-partisan and has widespread support from oil and gas producers, the outdoor recreation industry, and other businesses, it represents our best shot at significant funding for habitat improvement, land protection, research, and other conservation initiatives.”

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