Please Contact Your State Representative About HB 2716!

Urge your State Rep to vote FOR HB 2716.

We need YOUR support for HB 2716, to restore Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s ability to participate in contested permit hearings before the state regulatory agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Background: TPWD is responsible for managing state parks and protecting the natural resources of Texas. For decades TPWD participated in water rights and other permit hearings before TCEQ, to provide expertise on protecting the state’s fish and wildlife resources and public lands. In 2011, the Texas Legislature added an obscure rider to the TCEQ Sunset Reauthorization bill that stripped TPWD’s ability to participate in permit hearings – even those hearings that directly affect state parks or natural areas.

HB 2716 has passed through the Natural Resources Committee and is expected to move to the House floor for a vote soon.

Please contact your State Representative and urge support for HB 2716.

If your state rep is on the Calendars Committee, which determines whether a bill goes to the floor, your contact is doubly important. Calendars Committee Members are listed here.

Learn who your State Rep is here.

All state reps can be emailed at

For more information, go here.

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