Vote YES for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act!

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, currently moving through Congress, would provide transformational levels of funding to stop the decline of at-risk wildlife. YOU can help save the 12,000 species in the US, including over 1200 here in Texas, that are listed as Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

Texas bird cardinal feeding young. Photo by Sean Fitzgerald.
Texas Horned Lizard
Ask your Members of Congress to vote YES for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act! 

Your contact by website, e-mail, in person, or phone call will make a difference!

Your U.S. Representative  To learn who your US Representative is, go to

Then use his or her website to send a message, or call the number on the website.

Your U.S. Senators

Contact them with the same message – Vote Yes for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act:

Senator John Cornyn,, 202-224-2934

Senator Ted Cruz,, 202-224-5922 

Passage of the Recovering America's Wildlife Act will be a game-changer for at-risk species in Texas and across the United States.

The legislation will...

  • Dedicate nearly $1.4 billion per year nationally, including over $50 million to Texas, for wildlife conservation funding—without a new tax.

  • Help recover over 12,000 imperiled wildlife, bird, fish and other species in the U.S.—more than 1,200 in Texas—before they reach the costly "federally endangered" status.

  • Restore wildlife habitat such as grasslands, prairies, forests, rivers, bays and estuaries.

  • Create thousands of new jobs in areas such as habitat and wildlife management, nature tourism, wildlife research, and environmental education.

With every contact you make to your U.S. Representative & U.S. Senators, you become a voice to recover wildlife for current and future generations of Texans.

If you have questions or need help contacting your Members of Congress, contact TCA’s team at Or go to the toolkit at

Kemp Ridley's Sea Turtle
Kemp Ridley's Sea Turtle