We're Turning 50!

By: Ben Jones, Executive Director

Happy 2021 and Happy 50th Anniversary TCA! New years and anniversaries are special times, opportunities to celebrate, ponder the future, and reflect on how far we’ve come together. I'm doing that now as TCA and I both hatched 50 years ago in January 1971.

While I was learning to stand on my own two feet, TCA was standing up for everything I would grow to love: wilderness, wildlife, and people. While I navigated adolescence, swimming, dodging alligators, and checking trotlines, TCA heroes tirelessly navigated political waters to keep our Neches wild and free. While I wandered the ​Pineywoods and made plaster casts of tracks along the banks of Turkey Creek, TCA helped protect the area forever as the Big Thicket National Preserve. And while my brother and I fought for bragging rights, TCA heroes fought clearcutting and saved red-cockaded woodpeckers from the brink of extinction.

Though I’ve only been on staff for months, I feel like TCA – you and I – have been together for years. At TCA we work on behalf of future Texans, but do we ever pause to consider who that really means? Fifty years ago, that meant me. Thank you, TCA!

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