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TCA Chairman Mack Turner was awarded the Charlie Shaw Award by National Wildlife Federation at NWF's 2014 Annual MeetingA Message from Chairman Mack Turner

TCA welcomes the new year with opportunities to serve Texas through conservation of wildlife by saving our wonderful rivers and forests.  This year TCA will further our efforts to expand paddling trails in East Texas. We will continue to promote municipal water recycling as an alternative to inundating our rivers with unnecessary and destructive new reservoirs.  In 2016 TCA will continue to oppose unnecessary new reservoirs in both East and West Texas. A ridiculous proposal for a toll road through the Big Thicket National Preserve is also being opposed.  We will provide input for a new national forest management plan for East Texas’ four national forests. TCA will support expansion of the Neches River National Wildlife Refuge and continue our education program for 20,000 students at Trinity River Audubon Center.
~ Mack Turner, Chairman

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