I'm Mack Turner, Chairman of the Board of Texas Conservation Alliance. For me, protecting the wonderful nature habitats and wildlife of Texas is my life's calling. It's the first thing on my mind when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before I go to bed. Texas Conservation Alliance is so important for the future of Texas and I just want to thank you for your interest in supporting what we do everyday.


For 50 years, Texas Conservation Alliance has successfully advocated for wildlife and wild places in Texas. TCA has engaged with local communities to the protect rivers and forests of East Texas and the prairies of West Texas. Thanks to TCA, more than 200,000 Texas acres are protected in parks and wildlife refuges. We've stopped unnecessary reservoirs that drown Texas rivers, fought clear-cutting in national forests, and recruited thousands of people to conserve Texas' beautiful outdoor world.


Texas Conservation Alliance is here to help the citizens of Texas rally local support, gather the facts, and protect against encroachment of wildlife habitats so crucial to the future of our state.


Through grassroots advocacy, Texas Conservation Alliance protects and preserves wildlife and wild habitats for the future benefit of Texans.



We are proud to be the Texas Affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, the country's largest conservation organization. Partnering with NWF connects TCA to national issues and gives national attention to local efforts in Texas.


Mack Turner


Mack Turner, Chairman of Texas Conservation Alliance, uses his big-picture grasp of conservation and the experience gained in a successful career in commercial real estate to raise TCA’s level of influence and raise funds for core TCA projects.

Janice Bezanson


TCA Executive Director Janice Bezanson’s 35-year conservation career has spanned a wide range of activities: lobbying, generating media coverage, raising funds, heading up education programs and outdoor events, and recruiting others to conservation.

Richard LeTourneau

Vice Chair

TCA Vice Chair Richard LeTourneau, who chairs the North East Texas Regional Water Planning Group, has long volunteered for TCA and other conservation groups, addressing natural resource issues both during his years as a business owner and since his retirement.

Justin Lannen

Vice Chair

TCA Vice Chair Justin Lannen, an environmental enforcement attorney for the federal government specializing in air quality issues, leads conservation initiatives in Dallas and is raising his three young children to care about Texas’ great outdoors.

Jesse Oliver


Treasurer Jesse Oliver’s stellar public career has included serving as a State Legislator, a District Judge, Executive Assistant Attorney General, Chairman of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), and now Deputy Executive Director for DART.

Ben Jones


Ben Jones, TCA Secretary, Senior Director of Conservation for the Dallas Zoo, is finishing a Ph.D. to encourage hands-on conservation activities and better serve the numerous conservation organizations he volunteers for.

Susan Schmidt


Susan Schmidt, Chair of TCA’s Communications Committee, has a varied background, including publishing, underwater photography, and research in all forms of cellular regeneration, stem cell therapy and precision testing.

For a complete list of the Texas Conservation Alliance Board of Directors, click here.

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