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Texans love our wildlife and abundant natural heritage. Unfortunately, Texas birds are declining largely due to collisions with brightly lit businesses, homes, and other buildings. Certify your business or residence with Lights Out for Wildlife. You will receive a certificate to celebrate your commitment to conservation and you'll inspire others to join in. With the simple flip of a switch, each of us can do our part to protect millions of migrating birds soaring across our Lone Star sky.

Schools, businesses big and small, homes of all sizes, and many other buildings can be certified. Visit the link below to pledge what your next steps will be to help birds this season. It's free!

Dallas News Lights Out for Wildlife

Mrs. Laura Bush to Texans: Turn out lights at night to help Texas birds, during spring and fall migration seasons from 11 PM to 6 AM.


Read Mrs. Bush's Op-Ed in the Dallas Morning News.

Take Action. Go Lights Out for Wildlife!

"With a flick of a switch, you can be part of a nationwide effort to dramatically reduce the hundreds of millions of birds killed by collisions with brightly lit buildings. 

Image of Garrett Boone, Co-Founder of the Container Store.

Not only can you save birds - our most beautiful and accessible wildlife - you can reduce your energy costs. It's a no-brainer!"

Garrett Boone, Co-Founder

The Container Store

Texans can solve this problem! By working together toward a dark sky every spring and fall, we can keep birds safely on course and out of harm’s way. Go Lights Out for Wildlife during spring and fall migration from to protect millions of Texas birds.
  • Turn off non-essential lights from 11PM to 6AM during peak spring and fall migration

  • Turn off or dim lobby and atrium lights, interior home lighting, and decorative landscape lighting Turn off lights before leaving the home or office.

  • Install motion sensors on outside lights to minimize use and save energy!

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