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Impact Report 2023 for Texas Conservation Alliance

Coyote in the grass in south Texas
Coyote in South Texas

Texas Conservation Alliance (TCA) is pleased to share our

2023 IMPACT for protecting wildlife throughout the state of Texas.

Our forward momentum continues to champion conservation of wildlife habitats and strongly voice and advocate protections for rivers, prairies, forest and coastal habitats.

Please share this message with all of your conservation family and friends.

2024 will bring new challenges and opportunities and we need your help to fight for protections for wildlife throughout Texas.


Advocacy and Policy Impacts

In partnership with multiple agencies, affiliates, and grassroots advocates, we are protecting crucial habitat under threat from unfettered growth in Texas.

Infographic TCA policy 2023
Advocacy & Policy Impact 2023

Protecting Rivers

Sulphur River

Little Wichita River

  • Permit denial recommended for Lake Ringgold

  • Outcome of ruling being leveraged for additional Texas river protections

Protecting Wildlife

  • Participated in mountain lion stakeholder group to draft recommendations for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Commission

  • Commented and supported protections for ocelots

  • Championed grant funding for sea turtle rehabilitation

  • Vocalized our support for sound measures to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in our white-tailed deer populations


Community Conservation Impacts

Infographic TCA conservation impact 2023
Community Conservation Impact 2023

Lights Out for Wildlife

Our Lights Out program continues to make strides in expanding awareness of protecting migrating birds by reducing light pollution.

Picture of Volunteers
Volunteers for Lights Out Texas 2023

We have worked to solidify statewide and local partners, continue policy engagement with cities, and turn our focus towards public and school education about light pollution's effect on ALL wildlife.

Lights Out Dallas 2023 Final Report PDF

Lights Out Fort Worth 2023 Final Report PDF

Lights Out College Station 2023 Final Report PDF


NWF 2023 Impact Report

Texas Conservation Alliance is the Texas Affiliate of the

National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

Hummingbird by Faith Barton NWF
Hummingbird by Faith Barton, NWF

In alliance with our colleagues around the United States we are addressing immense and interconnected crises and taking action to Save Wildlife, People, and the Planet.

Take a look at NWF's 2023 Impact Report.


Help us amplify our voice for conservation in 2024

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