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Introducing TXCAT: Texas Conservation Action Team!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Opportunities to be actively involved in wildlife conservation can be hard to come by in your area. TXCAT changes that.

In celebration of TCA’s 50th Anniversary, we are excited to launch a new program to engage scores of new communities in the work of protecting Texas wildlife and wild places. It is critical TCA invests in the next 50 years and as such, we are proud to introduce TXCAT: Texas Conservation Action Team.

With a core belief that “doing leads to caring” TXCAT will offer hands-on conservation opportunities for Texans of all backgrounds. Unfortunately, opportunities to be actively involved in wildlife conservation are as rare as a red-cockaded woodpecker. TXCAT aims to change that.

Through accessibility and a focus on including new communities, TXCAT will facilitate opportunities for hands-on involvement in saving wildlife. We’ll plant trees, remove injurious litter pollution from rivers, creeks, and bays, and we’ll restore pocket prairies for Monarch butterflies and other imperiled pollinators. We’ll survey downtown districts for bird collisions and advocate for Lights Out. Working together, we’ll make new friends, strengthen the conservation community, and improve our communities for people and wildlife. TXCAT aims to cultivate an army of new conservationists and warmly welcome them into TCA and the movement.

RSVP today for one of TCA's upcoming events and take action to protect wildlife and wild habitats in Texas.


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