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Protect the Sulphur River!

Updated: Mar 7

Save the Sulphur River, Preserve Northeast Texas

TWDB Wants YOUR Input about Marvin Nichols Reservoir

The Texas Legislature has mandated a feasibility review of the proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir and the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is seeking meaningful input and information to support the review. Topics to be reviewed include implementation timeline, associated costs, land acquisition considerations, and economic impact.

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If built, this 66,000-acre reservoir would drown most of the remaining free-flowing part of the Sulphur River, permanently drowning tens of thousands of acres of high-quality bottomland hardwood forest and other wetlands. It would force thousands of Texans to sell their family land, and would destroy homes, barns, businesses, cemeteries, and irreplaceable archaeological sites. Water from Marvin Nichols would be pumped to the DFW area, with lawn watering driving most of the demand.

Urge TWDB to consider using these other options for water supply for DFW:

  • Using untapped water from existing lakes like Toledo Bend and Lake Texoma

  • Increasing the amount of reuse/recycling of effluent in the DFW region, and

  • Conservation measures that reduce the amount of water used for lawn watering

Texas is taking my land to build an unnecessary lake

By Deborah Clark, Dallas Morning News Op-Ed October 2023

"Texas is a proud private property state. Ownership and stewardship of land is lauded, celebrated, and written into our state’s storied history. But what if the government was taking your land and there was nothing you could do about it? What if you were threatened with having the prairie, cattle, and wildlife that shape your environment and provide your livelihood taken away? ... A reservoir miles away from your home probably doesn’t feel like something to be concerned about. But what if it were your land?"

Deborah Clark authored a column for The Dallas Morning News pushing back against an unnecessary reservoir that would use eminent domain to take private property. Click here to read the full article.

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Deborah Clark


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