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Texas Buckeye Trail Named for Ned and Genie Fritz

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The Dallas City Council unanimously voted to designate a trail in the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas as the Ned and Genie Texas Buckeye Trail!

Genie Fritz, Texas Buckeye Trail in Dallas Texas

It is thanks to Ned and Genie that the Great Trinity Forest, the nation’s largest urban forest, is now protected. It is especially appropriate that the trail be named for them, as it was Ned who found the Texas Buckeyes. Ned and Genie developed the trail and for many years they led the annual Texas Buckeye Trail Walk.

"This is a red letter day", says long-time TCA member Richard Grayson. "A big thanks goes to Councilwoman Sandy Greyson for offering the resolution, and to Becky Rader and Ben Sandifer, who worked closely with the Council to make the resolution a success."

TCA chairman Mack Turner joined Genie Fritz and her daughter Eileen Fritz McKee in thanking the dedicated conservationists who offered their support for the resolution.



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