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Great American Outdoors Act Passes Congress

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Some of the best conservation news in ages was the July 22 passage of the Great American Outdoors Act.  This legislation will permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) at the full $900 million per year authorized by Congress and invest $9.5 billion to help clear the backlog of maintenance in our national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests, and other public lands.

a close up view of an American bald eagle perched in a longleaf pine tree looking down and screeching
Photo courtesy of Adrian Van Dellen

The US Senate and US House of Representatives came together with broad bipartisan support and passed the measure by an astounding 74% margin.

Since 1965, the LWCF has been one of the most important sources of revenue for federal, state, and local land acquisition efforts, to protect our natural landscapes and provide recreational opportunities for the American people, a cause TCA has long supported.

The funds to address the maintenance backlog of facilities on federal lands will be a boon to nature-based recreation at a time when getting outdoors is an even more important part of peoples’ lives.

The National Wildlife Federation, for whom TCA is the State Affiliate, was a major player in building support for the Great American Outdoors Act.  Kudos to ALL the organizations who have joined together to pass this landmark funding measure, to help protect our country’s wild places and give American families the opportunity to enjoy them.


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