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We Are TCA

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Susan Petersen, TCA’s longest serving board member, says that volunteering for TCA is the source of constant surprises. Susan started her volunteer career in the 1970s when Ned Fritz sent her to a hearing on having wilderness areas in East Texas where she found herself in a group full of people hostile to the project.

Susan Petersen
Susan Petersen

Then he had her working with a state legislative aide to draw boundaries for a proposed state park (on land she’d never seen!) and testifying before the President’s Commission on the American outdoors.

Over the years Susan has become a seasoned conservationist, serving as secretary, vice chair, and several years as chairman of TCA, taking on the heavy lifting of helping manage a successful non-profit organization.

Reflecting back on TCA‘s 50 years history, Susan says that the thing that is foremost in her mind is that the issues just keep coming. “That’s why TCA’s staying power and focus have been so essential for the past 50 years - and will be just as important in the coming decades.”


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